This page is part of the User Manual. - the client-side JavaScript based hex editor, can be found at

Buy the editor component is based on the experience of more than 10 years of development.

The website is used by more than 5000 users every day, on every imaginable operating system. Over the years, this has resulted in highly optimized code that can handle even the craziest browser extensions and renders blazing fast.

Instead of developing your own hex editor component, I offer you the opportunity to access my wealth of experience by using the code in your intranet or commercial projects.

You can choose between the following 3 offers:

Variants editor component

This includes: editor component incl. source code

This includes:

Whole source code

This includes:

Code Details

While is based on React, the core editor component is plain JavaScript (TypeScript) and can be easily integrated in any environment.

The whole code is written in TypeScript.

How to get it?

Please contact me for an individual offer.

I'm able to issue a VAT invoice for you.